Lesbian Batwoman Unleashed!

batwomantemp_130651tHoly Sexuality, Batman! Two months after his untimely death, the creators of Gotham City’s crime-fighting superhero, Bruce Wayne, have finally unveiled his politically-correct replacement: a ginger-haired, lesbian socialite called Batwoman. (Will Amy Adams star in the movie version?) According to the Independent, “The publisher of Detective Comics, the iconic title which for 60 years has revolved around the recently-deceased Wayne, revealed this week that future editions of the comic book will star his long-standing female counterpart, whose real name is Kathy Kane.”

“Described as ‘a lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night,’ Batwoman will be the subject of at least 12 issues. It will be the most high-profile appearance by a gay superhero in any book published by the legendary DC Comics.”

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