Cherry: “My Hair Is Republican”

d jones 24 tv 08.jpgUSA Today reports: ‘Monday is President’s Day, the ninth hour of Allison Taylor’s day as our country’s president on “24.” Cherry Jones (pictured), who plays Madame President, says she turned to Eleanor Roosevelt and Golda Meir for inspiration for her character, who is a tough, decisive, war-mongering mom and wife to the First Gentleman. Is she a Republican? “The (writers) are so darn clever, the way they never really say,” Jones comments. “I think my hair is Republican.” But she’s not a Democrat, either.
‘At least not Hillary Clinton. “She’s not at all like Hillary Clinton. In the first place, I think she’s battling depression. I think of Hillary Clinton as a very gregarious and pragmatic person. I don’t see Hillary Clinton invading Darfur. It’s a very bold move that these writers have made –- of this woman planning an invasion of an African country — an intervention.”

‘And while it has been theorized that “24”‘s David Palmer president character of 2001-2006, played by Dennis Haysbert, paved the way with voters to elect Barack Obama, she doesn’t see her character as paving the way for a woman president. “I don’t think the way needs to be paved anymore. I think the thinking has shifted into looking for people of merit and, obviously, charisma. We’re still suckers for charisma.”‘

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