Rourke & Penn Together At Last

8caee8716b_meeks_02092009I don’t know how I missed this highlight of the Oscar season, and I can only thank LemonWade’s Rex Okpodu for clueing me in. As LemonWade readers know, Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke‘s Academy Awards battle has become the only real horse race of what could be a disastrous broadcast. (The biggest inanity: the producers are trying to keep the celeb presenters a secret, even going so far as asking them not to walk the red carpet. Hello?!? The vast majority of the Oscar TV audience are women, and the surest way to capture their eyeballs is with celebs on red carpet.) Anyway, the photo here is Penn and Rourke momentarily putting aside their differences and co-accepting the co-Best Actor honor from the Boston film critics. (Video here.) Don’t they look sweet? Just like a middle-aged gay couple with its canine surrogate child. My biggest Oscar night worry: that Rourke will win and will drag that sweet little dog onstage and ask it to bark an acceptance speech. I love the pooch, but there are limits.

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