Madonna Wants To Play Wallis

The Telegraph reports: images-22images-33Madonna (right) wants to make a film where she will star as Wallis Simpson (left), the divorcee whose relationship with King Edward VIII led him to abdicate the throne. The pop singer, 50, is said to have become fascinated with the story of the American socialite who caused a constitutional crisis. Now she intends to portray her in a film which will tell the story of how Edward gave up his position as the King of England after less than a year, so he could marry the twice-divorced Mrs Simpson in 1936. Madonna is said to see similarities between herself and Mrs Simpson, who later became the Duchess of Windsor, as they are both Americans who moved to Britain and caused a “stir” with their relationships, and were both divorced twice. My favorite bit of this story: Madge contacted Her Madge the Queen about this project. I guess she’s unaware that Mrs. Simpson was not beloved by the monarch. The Queen’s mother (the Queen Mum) famously referred to the Duchess as “the lowest of the low.” Then again, Madonna’s affection for low life is well-known.

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