What I Liked Best Tonight

oscar_arrivals_06_wenn23049__opt1) The look on the little boy’s face from “Slumdog” when the movie won Best Picture
2) The clips from upcoming movies at the end of the broadcast (Hillary Swank looks eerily like Amelia Earhart, and I’m tickled by Brad Pitt‘s mustache in “Inglorious Basterds”)
3) Sean Penn’s speech
4) The fact that Japanese artists won two Oscars
5) The set, designed by David Rockwell
6) Sarah Jessica Parker’s gown, and Beyonce’s questionable yet lovely Oscar-matching dress

All in all, producers Laurence Mark and Bill Condon did a better job than their counterparts during the past two years. And God I hope that when the ratings are announced the story won’t be just about the numbers in the United States (always in decline) but about the numbers worldwide (I’m sure they were up in India!)

Good night.

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