Blink 182 Misinformation

26242093A fun bit of news for anyone who enjoys, remembers, or cares for, Blink 182 (pictured), the 90’s pop-punk trio from Southern California. is offering a tribute gallery with photos from the bands 17-year history with the caption ‘as the dysfunctional pop punk trio buries the hatchet, we look back at snapshots from RS archive’. The still devoted fan that I am, I was a little disappointed with the news that they were done. Though I haven’t followed them since “Enema of the State”, they still make it on most of my playlists. I went to Blink’s site, distraught, and lo and behold, a message from the band stating that despite the rumors, they were not only not burying the hatchet, but were in the studio to produce their 6th album. So good news, best put by the band itself: ‘We’re back. . . Friendships reformed. 17 years deep in our legacy.’

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