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Rhys Meyers Back In Rehab

The New York Daily New reports: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, best known to American audiences from is … Read more »

Under The Crests Of Big Waves

Clark Little grew up on the north shore of the Hawaiian island Oahu, one of the … Read more »

Murphy To Play Pryor Engagement

Eddie Murphy (pictured) starred in “Dreamgirls,” directed by Bill Condon. Eddie Murphy made nice and appeared … Read more »

“Top Model”: The Long & Short Of It

Hoping to get the scoop on the story behind “America’s Next Top Model”‘s decision to fill … Read more »

This “Mockingbird” Sings

I’m not surprised that Michael Wilson’s new production of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” starring Matthew Modine, … Read more »

Jake, Jim To Do “Damn Yankees”

On the Oscars, Hugh Jackman said, “The musical is back!” And it appears that two Hollywood … Read more »

Kalup Linzy/Shaun Leo: “Lollypop”