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“Groundhog Day” Musical Started

Sure, stage adaptations of unlikely source material are announced practically every day, and almost none of … Read more »

Miley Is Hannah No More

Miley Cyrus (pictured), international star of the Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana”, will be working on a … Read more »

Trekkie Playing Cards, Not Sexy.

Die hard trekkies have apparently been raising eyebrows about JJ Abrams’ new “Star Trek” movie, worrying … Read more »

Heath’s “Parnassus” Due Autumn

Terry Gilliam’s “The Imaginerium of Doctor Parnassus”, the film that the late Heath Ledger was working … Read more »

Natalie Portman Rap

“Burn the Floor” Coming To NY?

“Burn the Floor” is a high-octane, ballroom-based dance extravaganza that’s been a hit around the world. … Read more »

10 Best Freudian Slips In TV History

My favorite is Number 8 — winning basketball games leads to better sex.