Broadway Bound . . . To Hang On?

bwayspan1 As the Stock Market continues to look like a really intense downhill ski slope, and the theatres’ marquis still bear the names of shows long closed, the question of whether Broadway will survive ‘the recession’ seems to have an answer as thinly hopeful as the string holding it together – it will survive, probably. Though show’s are closing sooner, no shows planned for the 2009-2010 season have been cancelled for economic reasons, although most have already settled on closing dates. Even still, shows are filling seats (some seats) and openings continue, with shows like Arthur Laurents’ “West Side Story” revival (pictured) doing very well. It does not seem that anybody will give up on the theatre, and I personally believe in the theatre’s increased value in using art to stimulate the mind and the heart during a time of such despair and need. But when you get down to it . . . we’ll see.

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