Marianne Faithfull To Get Biopic

_45563859_001322538-1At last: a person worthy of a biopic. Singer Marianne Faithfull will be the subject of an upcoming movie. There’s no script yet, nor star attached (please God, not Sienna Miller; please God: how about Kate Winslet, though she’d have to slim radically for the druggy bits), and if the long-gestating Janis Joplin biopic is any indication, there will be rumors heaped with rumors about who will play Miss Marianne. As this article reminds us, what a life: Educated in a convent, Faithfull was discovered by the Rolling Stones’ manager at 17 and had a string of hits in the 1960s. She was reportedly wooed by Bob Dylan before beginning a five-year relationship with Jagger (pictured here with Faithfull). She was once found wearing nothing but a rug during an infamous police search of Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ house in 1967.

According to rock legend, Faithfull inspired the classic Stones songs You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Let’s Spend the Night Together and Wild Horses, while she wrote their track Sister Morphine.

Faithfull, who already had one young son, fell pregnant by Jagger in 1968 but miscarried. A suicide attempt in Australia in 1969 put her in a coma for six days and in the subsequent years, she split from Jagger and lost custody of her son.

She spent two years living on the streets of London in the 1970s, addicted to heroin. In 1976 she was living in a Chelsea squat without hot water or electricity.

Her creative rehabilitation came in the late 1970s and ’80s, and she is now regarded with critical respect for both her music and acting.
Her latest album, Easy Come, Easy Go, features guests including Keith Richards, Rufus Wainwright, Jarvis Cocker and Nick Cave, and is released in the UK on Monday.”

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