“Bruno” Premieres In Austin

bruno69e2011168f998ba970c-320wiFootage from “Bruno,” the new movie by Sascha Baron Cohen (pictured) about a gay Austrian fashionista, was shown this weekend in Austin, Texas. A report: ‘By showing both his own outrageousness and the foibles of the American public…the pic had the feel of “Borat” redux. Funny but familiar. You’ll laugh and groan in all the right places, but it will never not feel familiar.It’s funny deja vu, but it’s still deja vu.’

One Comment to ““Bruno” Premieres In Austin”

  1. Borat was really funny. Bruno was a huge waste of time. How did they get the funding to create this peace of crap. It wasen’t clever, smart and/or funny. It made the gay community look sick and twisted, rude and vulgar which I know they are not. This film needs to go to the trash pile. The sad thing is it could have been really funny and smart if only the writers and director had turned on their brains. Well better luck next time. I want my money back!

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