What’s Doing With “Dark Shadows”?

dark2-shadowsWith Johnny Depp getting so much advance buzz for “Public Enemies” (Michael Mann’s summer movie for Universal), his upcoming projects are news. Nikki Finke reports that Tim Burton may have to postpone the start date on his and Depp’s hotly anticipated “Dark Shadows,” their Warner Bros film version of the gothic TV series where Depp plays a vampire. It was June, then August, and now maybe not even this fall.

First, any rumor that Burton may bail altogether is “definitely” not true, says Finke’s insider: “He loves the project”. But his helming of Alice In Wonderland for Disney — and people who’ve visited the set tell me it looks amazing — is demanding more time than originally planned. Now Burton is facing a hot delivery date for a March 5, 2010 release. And so he’s exploring pushing back the start date for Dark Shadows.

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