Hathway’s Judy: Prime Oscar Bait

annehathaway1garlandWe know how much Oscar loves biopics, especially of dead singers. So I have to say that the news that Anne Hathaway (pictured) is going to play Judy Garland is the biggest bid for an Academy Award that I’ve heard for eons. As she showed this year at the awards, when Hugh Jackman dragged her up to warble, the girl can sing. And now that Kate Winslet has been rewarded, Hathaway is the young actress most overdue for a statuette. She’s also going to play Judy onstage, but there’s no word yet which version will come first. (Speaking of stage, Hathaway will play Viola in “Twelfth Night” in Central Park this summer.) Final note: Hathaway’s going to have a hard time surpassing Judy Davis’s wrenching performance as Garland in the 2001 movie “Me and My Shadows.”

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