Vampires Suck Life From Subtitles?

rightorigVampires have been sucking the life out of pop culture again recently. This trend has generally (“Twilight“) produced bloodless results, with one exception: the Swedish vampire film “Let The Right One In” (pictured). Justifiably praised when it was released last fall, something weird happened between the multiplex and the video store; the DVD was released earlier this month. For some unexplained reason, the English subtitles have been dumbed down, removing a lot of the film’s sick humor. A wronged vampire’s revenge?

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  1. I think nothing got lost in translation! I like both version, they both are accurate translations. Actually the dvd has a more literal translation and still staying true to the story. I like them both.
    And for the ones who want the original subtitles, Magnolia will release another dvd with that option. 🙂

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