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“Hair” Star: “Yup, I’m Gay”

I don’t think a musical-theatre star coming out of the closet is going to startle the … Read more »

Richard Pryor – “Sesame Street”

Jindal Exorcises Arts From Budget

Just in case any frustration you may have with President Obama gives you an occasional desire … Read more »

Classical Music’s Latest New Thing

Every few decades, classical music discovers a “saviour.” Sometimes it’s a composer; once it was Benjamin … Read more »

MTV Renews “Real World”

MTV is ordering four more seasons of its veteran reality hit “The Real World.”
The order will … Read more »

Xena Heading For Gladiator Camp

In other news from the ancient Roman empire, Lucy Lawless is returning to her action-hour roots, … Read more »

Jamie Bell Rings Into Roman Epic

Hungry for a sword-and-sandals epic with subtle homoerotic overtones? Then here’s the movie for you: “The … Read more »