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“Star Trek” Sequel On Track

Variety reports:
As Paramount readies the May 8 release of its “Star Trek” franchise relaunch, the studio … Read more »

“Exit The King”: My Review

Ionesco’s “Exit the King,” with Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon, has opened on Broadway. Here’s my … Read more »

“Eastern Promises” To Have Sequel

“Eastern Promises,” David Cronenberg’s look at the Russian mafia in London, was one of my favorite … Read more »

Jenga Pistol

Overweight Dating Served Up

Fox is creating a new reality dating show (there aren’t enough?) aimed at ‘average looking‘ people. … Read more »

Authors Fight Free Books

Authors like Britain’s JK Rowling are up in arms over California-based internet site The site … Read more »

“Bruno” Hit With NC-17 Rating

Like “Borat” before it, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s upcoming gay-pranking comedy “Bruno” has been hit with an … Read more »