Original Beatles Albums Remastered

beatles2You say you want a revolution? The original Beatles albums will finally be joining the 21st century: Apple Corps, the Beatles’ company, has partnered with EMI to release much-postponed remasters of the seminal group’s original albums on September 9, the same day that the Beatles edition of Rock Band, the musical video game, goes live. The 12 albums the Beatles released in Britain between 1963 to 1970 (“Please Please Me” through “Let It Be” and “Magical Mystery Tour”), will be released in two box sets—one remastered in stereo, the other in mono. Digital sound technology has improved since 1987, when the Beatles’ catalogue was turned into CD, and it’s expected that the new releases will sound richer and smoother. Fans will have to wait for the Beatles to truly join the internet age, though; a dispute between Apple Corps and EMI has left downloadable versions of the songs in limbo.

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