It Isn’t From A Mel Gibson Movie

philippines-crucifiction-011Did the copious blood and guts of Mel Gibson’s S & M masterpiece “The Passion of the Christ” get to you? Well, as Christians celebrate Good Friday today you should know that there are Catholics in the northern Philippines who go Mel one better — and more authentic. Predominantly Catholic Pampanga province plays host to extreme displays of religious devotion in rites frowned upon by even orthodox Church leaders. In this photo from a series of images detailing the rites, Australian penitent John Michael, 33, is laid on a stretcher after being nailed to a wooden cross during a re-enactment of the passion. What can I say other than: isn’t Holy Week wonderful?

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  1. If portraying violence and abuse in an authentic way makes you a sado-masochist, then Steven Spielberg would be a sado-masochist for making Schindler’s list – instead of someone with compassion.

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