“Mary” Tops “Harry” In Poll

PD*2744528It would be easy for anyone under the age of, hmm, 40 to think that “Harry Potter” is the most gigantically unbeatable family-friendly story of all time. But not on the screen, it ain’t. According to this poll, it’s “Mary Poppins.” You know, the supercal story starring Julie and Dick and those two Banks tikes I can never remember the names of, though I can remember the name of their mother, Glynis Johns, who years later used to tipple before she went on the stage as Desiree on Broadway in “A Little Night Music” (see Today’s Video at right), and, um, speaking of Broadway, the best number of Johns’s “Poppins” role, “Sister Suffragette,” was cut from the stage musical. Me not approve.

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