Katy Perry Preens Tweens

049_nicoleI was already frustrated with Katy Perry when the infectious beat of “I Kissed A Girl” was stuck in my head all summer despite the frustrating, pseudo-homosexual lyrics. Just when I thought I’d recovered, lo and behold Katy’s sense of style is trickling down to her legions of pre-teen fans (pictured) who look, in my own un-fashionista’d opinion, painfully ridiculous. I do appreciate that at the very least, most of the pieces to this . . . outfit? . . . come from affordable name brands (H&M, et. al.) or thrift stores. To the silly tweens who follow the trend, I use wisdom quoted from Ursula in another painful attempt at the Tween/Child market, “The Little Mermaid”. ‘You poor, unfortunate, souls . . .’

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