Nora Ephron Doesn’t Eat Aspic

julia-insidex“I’m a good cook,” she says modestly. “Not a great cook.” That’s Nora Ephron (right), whose latest film is “Julie and Julia,” which, need I say, is about Julia Child. Ephron continues: “The movie poster should say, ‘Starring Meryl Streep (left), Amy Adams and boeuf bourguignon.’ My car crashes are burnt stews.” Ha ha, so funny. I’m being smartass, of course. The only cute thing Miss Nora said in the interview from which these remarks are taken concerned Julie Powell, the young writer who prepared hundreds of Child’s recipes and then wrote about the experience. “She was a good home cook,” Ephron says of Powell, “but after a year of doing this, she was way past that. She did things I wouldn’t be caught doing, like making aspic from scratch. I would not eat it, much less make it.” The aspic! The aspic!

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