Susan Boyle Gets A Makeover

susanboyle1She’s the hottest thing on the planet right now. I’m talking about British singing sensation Susan Boyle (pictured). Click here to see her appearance this morning on “The Early Show.” She’s gotten a makeover. Is plastic surgery next? When will they let her play Mama Rose in “Gypsy”? (already, Boyle’s been endorsed by Patti LuPone.) When does she get her own reality show? Meanwhile, the naysayers (the people who can’t stand it when someone unlikely triumphs) are already throwing bricks at Boyle.

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  1. She is the real thing

  2. Please, Susan Boyle is a beautiful lady. She is genuine, kind and humble. Don’t try and change her. She is wonderful just like she is. Not everyone wants to artificial. Me for one. God created me to be me, not someone or something else. Susan is a absolute treasure. I pray this doesn’t change her one bit. I wish her all the luck in the world.

  3. God Bless Her she has talent let susan do as she pleases i am so glad to see people who felt on the bottom shoot to the top.

  4. You go, baby! Do it your way!!!

  5. Make the part to fit Susan….. Not the other way. Wouldn’t she make a wonderful nanny for some very fortunate children?

  6. She’s lovely just the way she is! Leave her alone!

  7. I feel it a talent competition not a beauty pagent. Her voice is so beautful it makes make me well up inside. it’s just a shame pople are to busy focusing on her looks. Leave her alone and see her for what she is a extremely wonderfully talented woman. Besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everything about this lady is beautiful.

  8. This lady is poised, graceful and has the voice of an angel. I wish her only good things and so proud of her for following her dream. This only proves that dreams will come true. She has given hope to the ordinary and average person by showing her inner beauty when all others disgustingly looked down their noses at her. What an awesome talent to be hidden all those years. It was a tearful moment to listen to that voice of beauty. I wish her well.

  9. I like almost everyone else that saw susans audition fell instantly in love with her.Ive watched it over and over and it makes me feel great inside everytime i see it. Its susans total “package” we all fell in love with.Ive been reading some of the other sites that ask should susan get a makeover.Most of the people say no leave her as she is. Its pretty naive saying that because we all know when susan walks out on the stage for the finals she will have on a beautiful tailored gown, her hair will be fixed up and she will have some makeup on to highlight her looks.She will still have the same look,(they would be crazy to change her look) but susan will be much more attractive,radiant,even stunning. With that sparkle in her eye, her cheeky attitude and her golden voice the other half of the english speaking world that hasnt heard of susan will soon know who she is.

  10. I was so moved by Susan’s voice… is so pathetic of people to judge a book by it’s cover. Just be yourself Susan!!!!!! You fill my heart to overflowing with your voice.

  11. We all want nice hair and nice skin, not to say we all want extensions and botox. But, has anyone even asked what she may want fotget the world it’s her body she may be comfortable just the way she is, you know… in the eyes of the beholder. Honestly she seems to be beautiful just the way she is, with her adorable personality and her beautiful voice, what more is there? but, I really think this is her choice who knows she may want it all or just a simple update style. Let her decide.

  12. Susan Boyle is the only person who can decide what she wants to look like. With a voice like that she is Great!

  13. Skeptical people, PLEASE! Susan is like a first teardrop from heaven’s refreshing rain for this talent-starved population as we know it. As a trained vocalist, I can spot a voice that pierces through a maze of notes and rhythms that some call music. Alas! Thank you, God, for sending Susan to give us all a much-needed wakeup call. And, thank you, Susan, for following your dream!

  14. beautiful voice beautifulperson let her decide if she wants a makeover,she has spent most of her life caring for an ailing mother if she wants a little change in her life so be it.

  15. Susan doesn’t need to change anything for us. She is that very rare gift that the world can enjoy in an otherwise pretentious existense. For such a talent with an old world humility is indeed refreshing. I hope she doesm’t change.

  16. I am strangely fascinated by this doll of a woman. Her works have already prepared crowns for her in heaven. Not that works can buy salvation, but that she cares for others. Minimal make over, if must be and if she wants it. She is an angel and her voice is thrilling. It is better than others who have sung his absolutely beautiful somg. God bless and guide you Susan, as you honor Him with your life

  17. To whom it may concern ! Susan Boyle has a rare and heart quenching talent that can only be topped by Simons silly school boy smitten grin …… he totally seemed in awe which never happens like that! P.S Arizona loves Susan Boyle what ever she chooses to do with her appearance … next to her charm and uncanny voice its really not important ! ! ! thanks for sharing susan boyle with us we love you ! Thanks Patricia mesa az

  18. We are here to do and be our best. IF Susan choses and someone wants to help her be her best, THEN we are to help any way we can. It’s ok to be better, to help others and feel good about ourselves or helping others.

  19. SHE ROCKS! Everyone was teasing at her before she sang. She has proven that we can never judge anyone by just their looks. She awed lots of people from around the world. Go Susan!! She has given a lot of confidence to those who think they can never show perform their talents in the public.

  20. I am so very proud of you and I don’t even know you. You have the voice of an angel, a God given give voice. May God be with you and chose wisely

    by Sheila Stewart on April 19th, 2009 at 9:32 pm
  21. No one should even talk about a makeover. Why would she want to do that? It is none of our business and God already blessed her to be the beauty she is.

  22. Why don’t they ask the woman if she wants a makeover? She might enjoy getting prettied up and learning how to put makeup on, what colors suit her best, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  23. susan is so refreshing. I pray each day that she gets a manager
    from her village,and although her life would never be the same again at least she would remain grounded.PEOPLE we don’t need a Barbie,why spoil a great thing!!

  24. Susan boyle could just wear a good quality dress that does not make her look matronly, Have a fresh hour at the hair dresser. She will glow. She is an alto more likely. She could of had a duet with F.Sonatra, had he been around. Both have perfect pitch. I think she is great. She has what it takes.
    I am so happy for her. I always felt good quality music comes from broadway shows. Waiting to hear her sing further.

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