Stewart Berates Rowdy Theatregoer

patrick-stewart-and-ian-m-001The greatest actor-to-audience-member takedown I’ve ever witnessed came from Laurence Fishburne during a performance of the royal saga “The Lion In Winter.” When a cell phone kept ringing and ringing, he faced the offender and bellowed, “I am the King here — turn off the goddam phone!” (I’m sure if I’d seen Patti LuPone call out a ticketholder at a recent “Gypsy” performance, Mr. Fishburne, king or no king, would be relegated to runner-up.) The latest example of actor outrage comes from Patrick Stewart, pictured in his current costarring capacities with Ian McKellen in “Waiting for Godot” — Picard meets Gandalf meets Beckett — in London.

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