Susan Boyle: 5 Reasons We Love Her

susanboyle_lOkay, okay, Susan Boyle’s interview last night with Larry King wasn’t exactly riveting television. But I loved the way she pronounced Ashton Kutcher‘s name (“Oshton”). And it was flat-out great to see her in all her untweezed, Wilma-Flintstone-bead-wearing glory. And it’s such a pleasure to see a pop-culture phenomenon who isn’t blandly young and vapidly pretty. Here are five other reasons we love her. Meanwhile, her brother has removed her from the massive media exposure so she can have a rest. Well-deserved! Oh, and we learn here that Susan has been kissed.

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  1. As the bible say: “…and the retards will inherit the earth”, ok, it didn’t quite go like that, but honestly..we all love to see a hairy canary belt out some show tunes! don’t we? I understand why she’s never been kissed! That mustache acts as a repellant..doesn’t it?

    by Billy Bob T. on April 19th, 2009 at 1:16 am

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