Susan: I Look “Like A Garage”

susan-boyle_091836704607_home_cheat1“It has been quite a week,” says Susan Boyle, the “dowdy singing spinster,” in a Sunday Times profile. Since hitting the web last weekend, her audition tape for “Britain’s Got Talent” has garnered over 25 million views on YouTube. Born in 1961, Boyle was starved of enough oxygen during delivery to suffer mild brain damage, which caused learning disabilities later on. Boyle, in describing herself to the Times, admits to looking “like a garage,” but of her admission that she had never been kissed, she says “Oh, I was just joking around. It was just banter and it has been blown out of all proportion. All I wanted to say is that I am single at the moment but I keep waiting. I am not on the hunt. I am happy as I am.” Of her audition, she says, “I knew what they were thinking. I saw people laughing and I knew they were laughing at me. But I thought, well, they’ll soon shut up when they hear me sing. And they did.”

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