Which Role Should Susan Star In?

elaineevita1elainegrizelainesunset1We all know that Susan Boyle idolizes British musical-theatre star Elaine Paige. So: which of Paige’s signature roles would you like to hear Susan do onstage? (If you think theatre producers are going to let Susan’s looks prevent them from trying to put her name on a marquee, you don’t know much about show biz.) Would you like to see Susan as (clockwise from top left): Eva Peron in “Evita”? Grizabella in “Cats”? Or Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard”? Vote by clicking the Add a Comment button just below this post.

4 Comments to “Which Role Should Susan Star In?”

  1. definitely Norma Desmond. Susan could even out-sing her main supporter, Patti LuPone, who did the Norma role in London.

  2. Susan should do Cats. All that makeup could hide her unibrow.

  3. I can tell you one thing I don’t want. I don’t want to see Susan Boyle as Evita. I’d be afraid that when she had to lift up her arms on the balcony that we’d see that Susan doesn’t shave her pits. Eee-www.

  4. I second Susan as Norma Desmond–just to hear her tear into “With One Look.” It’s the only Andrew Lloyd Webber musical I’ve been able to sit through.

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