“Night Music” Coming To B’way

trevornunn24608098d8f4850b64260fffd553c84As I suspected, the Trevor Nunn (pictured) production of Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music,” now running in London, is coming to Broadway late this year. At a Jujamcyn Theater. I don’t like the fact that, once again, Sondheim on Broadway has to come from the U.K., as if American directors don’t show every single year how good they are at staging the master’s work. On the other hand, this 1973 show has never been revived on the Great White Way, so the news is also cause for rejoicing. Even better: instead of dragging over the London cast, it appears that all the roles are potentially going to be recast here. We’ll see. Meanwhile: isn’t it rich? Let the who’ll-play-Desiree? guessing game begin!

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