Unknown Trove Yields Treasures

capaenlargeWeathered cardboard boxes full of pictures arrived at New York’s International Center of Photography more than a year ago. According to the New York Times, they contained ‘a number of previously unknown shots by [Robert] Capa, one of the founders of the Magnum photo agency and a pioneering war photographer, and by [Gerda] Taro, his professional partner and companion, who died in 1937 when she was struck by a tank near the front, west of Madrid. (Pictured is Capa’s shot of a woman and child at a Spanish refugee camp in France, taken in March 1939.) But more surprising has been the wealth of new work by [David] Seymour, known as Chim, that was in the cases. Another of Magnum’s founders, he was known not for his battle photography but for penetrating documentation of Spanish life in the shadow of war.’

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