Lennon Exhibit At Rock Annex

28124231-28124232-slargeYoko Ono (pictured with John) and Jim Henke, of Manhattan’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex, have co-curated a new exhibit on John Lennon, subtitled, The New York Years. In addition to the sort of memorabilia you’d expect from such an exhibit, items showcasing Lennon’s struggles and untimely death will be on display, including papers regarding his fight to keep his green card and the bag issued from St. Luke’s Hospital stating ‘Patient’s Belongings’. Ono wants to not only showcase this period in Lennon’s life and his devotion to the city, but ultimately contrast the whole display with an increased awareness of gun violence and a real push towards peace. The manifestation of this push? A white plastic phone mounted on the wall which Ono will call to spread the word of peace to visitors at the exhibit.

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