Another “Jekyll and Hyde” Movie

whitaker500514_forestfifty_190x190Another day, another “Jekyll and Hyde” movie. Last week, we brought you news about the one that’s to star Keanu Reeves. This week, Variety reports that there’s another movie aborning based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novella. It will star Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent (pictured). Keanu Reeves is being allowed to play both parts. Whitaker is a fine actor, who could certainly do the same. I can just hear the movie executives discussing this one, all set with Whitaker until somebody pipes up: “What about the under-25 male quadrant?” And then somebody else says: “What about 50 Cent?” Meanwhile, I don’t know any teenage boy who thinks 50 Cent is the least bit cool anymore. Hollywood!

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