At Last: The Trailer For “Nine”

daniel-day-lewisOkay, so here it is: a link to the trailer for the movie version of the musical “Nine,” to be released on November 25. To say it looks like “Chicago” is an understatement; it looks as if Rob Marshall (he directed both movies) kept the same set dressing on the same sound stages. Things I don’t like: the trailer uses the worst song from the score (the grating “Be Italian“); Judi Dench is a little long in the dent to be wearing a Louise Brooks bob; Sophia Loren sports a Fisher-Island tan that’s not especially flattering. On the plus side: Daniel Day-Lewis (pictured) looks as suave as Marcello Mastroianni, who played the part in “Nine”‘s movie source material, Fellini’s “8 1/2.” And the women, especially Marion Cotillard, are very beautiful. Based on the trailer, I’m interested, but still need to be seduced.

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