Top 12 Music Moments In Movies

cameron-croweDirector Cameron Crowe (pictured) has come up with a list, and it’s hard to argue with what’s on it. What’s Number 1? “Don’t Be Shy,” the Cat Stevens’ opener from Hal Ashby’s 1971 flick “Harold and Maude.” Why? “Is there a better movie opening? Ashby could fill all ten spots on this list, such is his skillful music lover’s touch, but this is perhaps his best song usage ever. “Don’t Be Shy” kicks off Harold and Maude with spare perfection and an intoxicating invitation to the movie to come. We meet Harold and he’s about to hang himself. It’s a comedy like no other, and the combination of this song and that scene makes for a soul-scratching introduction. Soon we’re rooting for a love story between and 18 year old Harold and a 79 year-old Maude. And it all begins with “Don’t Be Shy.”

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