Early Dylan Poem On The Block

28298781-28298786-slargeI’ve been hearing so much about Bob Dylan (pictured) lately. I sort of forgot that he was still recording until the hype about “Together Through Life” erupted and the name of my dad’s favorite singer/songwriter was on every entertainment news website I stumbled upon. Flipping back half a century to the teen days of Bobby Zimmerman, as he was known then, a new Dylan poem┬áhas been unearthed and is on the auction block. The poem represents the earliest handwritten lyrics that Dylan penned. The poem, entitle “Little Buddy”, is the lament of a boy for his dead dog. The full poem, which you can read here, is remarkably heartfelt and real for such a young boy, although it is revealed in a statement by Christie’s, who is handling the auction, that the lyrics are adapted from a Hank Snow song. We all have to start somewhere, though, and I think Dylan has made enough of a creative mark to forgive some early piracy.

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