Good Morning American Idiot

greendayperformsabcgoodmorningamericaroafb3xnxrfl3greendayperformsabcgoodmorningamericaroafb3xnxrfl4I love the smell of moshpit in the morning. As I alluded to yesterday, I left my apartment at 5:30am this morning and headed to Central Park to join the teenagers, parents, little kids, and the occasional old school fan of Green Day (pictured) as they kicked off ABC’s Good Morning America Summer Stage Concert Series. The crowd was ready for a good show, so was Green Day, kicking things off with the strangest and most rocking sound check I’ve ever experienced (they played two full songs). The only frustration was the burden of catering to live TV, complete with commercial breaks, interviews, segments, and Sam Champion saying the weather no less than 5 times in one 45 minute taping – I hope he got it right. All in all though, I was glad I went, and if you look at the smaller crop, you can see me, I think, right in the midst of the moshpit. Favorite quote, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong introducing their hit ‘American Idiot’ as ‘Good Morning, American Idiot’.

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