New Tony Kushner Play: Review

kushnerguide0524‘In “The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide,” Tony Kushner (“Angels in America”) wrestles with ultimate questions of what defines meaningful life, but the play feels unfinished and uncertain of its own purpose.’ That’s the verdict of Minneapolis Star Tribune critic Graydon Royce on this play that just opened at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. (National critics aren’t officially allowed in for another two weeks, though there will undoubtedly be reviewers who don’t respect the rule.) Starring Kathleen Chalfant, Steven Spinella, Linda Emond, and Michael Cristofer (all pictured), the Kushner drama may strike some as unfinished, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Kushner will continue to revise the piece, and by the time it arrives in New York I’m pretty sure it will look and sound quite different.

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