Megan Fox As Lara Croft?

meganfox6a00d8341bf6c153ef01156fb5fc18970c-800wiCould Megan Fox replace Angelina Jolie as the star of the “Tomb Raider” franchise? “Terminator Salvation” executive producer Dan Lin dropped a bombshell to at the premiere of the new Christian Bale film, saying that he’s planning to reboot Lara Croft as an origin story. The two previous “Tomb Raider” films grossed more than $431 million combined, worldwide. This reboot would inevitably mean casting someone younger than Jolie, and that has lead to rampant fanboy speculation (read: panting, drooling) that Transformers beauty Fox, 23, might be at the top of the list to take on the role. Right now, though, it’s merely that: speculation.

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