Susan Loses To So-So Dancers

boylesusanlc0421093Joining Adam Lambert in this month’s list of “losers” who overshadowed the winners, Susan Boyle lost Britain’s Got Talent to the ten-person dance crew Diversity. “Lads, I wish you all the best,” said Boyle graciously. It was a stunning loss. Boyle took second place in the voting. Boyle chose to sing again the song that first brought her fame, “I Dreamed a Dream.” Dressed in a blue gown and saying that this performance represented “forty years of doin,'” the Scottish sensation gave this final performance. Given all the publicity Boyle received here in the States, it wasn’t clear to many of us just how close the competition has been all along. To American eyes, the hiphop dance-troupe Diversity looks pretty ordinary, don’t you agree? But judge Simon Cowell hailed them as “the only act tonight I’d give a ’10’ to” and “sheer and utter perfection.” Judge for yourself. Diversity will perform before the Queen Elizabeth II in the Royal Variety Show and wins 100,000 pounds (about $159,000). What do you think of the results? What do you think the future holds for Susan Boyle?

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