Hirsch To Star In Screen “Hamlet”

hirsch_emile_341x182Tis a far far better thing, I guess, to have “Hamlet” than not to have “Hamlet.” That’s my response to today’s news that Jinks and Cohen, the team that produced “American Beauty” and “Milk,” are going to produce a new feature film adaptation about the young Dane’s story. “Twilight” and “thirteen” director Catherine Hardwicke is attached to direct, with Emile Hirsch (pictured), who helped conceive the idea and who starred in “Into the Wild” and had a role in “Milk,” attached to star as Hamlet. Of course the new “Hamlet” will be an update: set in contemporary America, turned into a thriller, etc. Before you get sniffy, keep in mind that the DiCaprio “Romeo and Juliet” was good, as was the Ethan Hawke contemporary “Hamlet.”

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