“Sen. And Mrs. Edwards”: The Film

johnedwards-movie_2347592261061The life of John Edwards is truly a soap opera. I’m hoping it comes to television in some form (God forbid to the big screen). Perfect casting: “30 Rock”‘s Jack MacBrayer (second from left) as Senator Edwards. Like the politician, MacBrayer grew up in the South, though he attended the University of Evansville in Indiana, though some people think Kentucky-bordering Indiana is also the South. As Elizabeth Edwards, how about Blair Brown (right)? Brown is at least as bright as UNC Law alumna Mrs. Edwards. In fact, Brown is one of the brightest, classiest actresses in the biz.

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  1. Brendan – Elizabeth is a graduate UNC law school. Her daughter Cate recently graduated from Harvard law school. Why would anyone want to see a made for TV movie about John Edwards anyway?

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