Brits Have The Right Idea

blithe-spirit-at-the-schu-002I have so many times stood up reluctantly to applaud the end of a show. More often than not, I enjoyed the show, but I always thought in my very few years on earth, that a standing ovation meant something more than standard theatre etiquette. I am mollified, therefore, to know that the ovation is still reserved in London. There is something to be said for supporting the actors, or for welcoming a star to the stage with applause on their first appearance, but as The Guardian points out regarding the constant applause for Angela Lansbury’s entrances (pictured), ‘the crowd might have spent more time applauding Lansbury than actually listening to the play.’ I am with the Londoners on this: if the play thrills me and leaves me reaffirmed with my passion for the reach of theatre, then I will stand and clap my hands sore, but I tire at the need to stand for every show, regardless of merit.

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