“Hung”: Variety’s Review, My Caveat

hung“Hung,” the new HBO show about you-know-what, premieres on Sunday. Variety is full of praise. I’ve seen the first episode, starring Thomas Jane (pictured), and if you think you’re going to get a full-on close-up, fugheddaboutit. “Boogie Nights” only made us wait two-and-a-half hours to see Mark Wahlberg’s bountiful appendage. “Hung” is going to make people wait weeks — maybe forever. Too coy for my taste. Here’s Variety: ‘When the series was announced, “Hung” sounded like a one-note, made-for-pay-TV joke — indulging director Alexander Payne and company to engage in a bit of “Boogie Nights” humor. Yet the series that emerges proves not only timely in its look at a member of Detroit’s disappearing middle class but, in addition to being wryly funny, shows off an unexpected organ — the one generally associated with love, not lust.’

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