Best Pic Noms From 5 To 10

oscara00d83451d69069e201157153503d970b-200wiLemonWade’s Academy Awards expert Rex Okpodu informs me that in 2010 the Academy will increase the number of Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10. This is a reversion of sorts: there were 10 nominees in the early days, ending in 1943, when “Casablanca” won. Academy President Sid Ganis claims the increase will allow more good movies to be recognized, and it will increase the TV viewership. This year, for example, a field of 10 would perhaps have allowed blockbusters like “The Dark Knight” and “WALL-E” to have been nominated. While it’s true that in a strong year having ten slots seems logical, what about a year with a weak field? Then 10 looks like padding. Of course, Ganis also knows that a larger field could bring more revenue to media outlets, since more advertisements will have to be placed by studios trumpeting their contenders. Final thought: if more eyeballs on the broadcast are so important, why not just let viewers at home vote on the nominees? If you think this could never happen, check back with me in 5 or 10 years.

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