Quick Thoughts About Michael

thrillerGod forgive me, but my first thought upon hearing about Michael Jackson’s death was: Poor Farrah Fawcett — Michael’s death has pushed hers offstage. My second thought: His performance of “Billie Jean” at Motown’s 25th anniversary in 1983 (shown on Today’s Video at right) will always remain one of the greatest performances of a song in pop history. My third thought: Whom would I most want to hear interviewed about Michael? Janet or LaToya? Neither one is articulate, and they’ll both just say how wonderful a brother Michael was. Madonna or whoever else is a pop star of Michael’s magnitude? Not really, because they’ll all beatify Michael and not do any respectful dishing. The two I’d most like to hear from are Quincy Jones and Diana Ross: the latter because Michael idolized her from a young age, and the former because he produced “The Album.” If you have to ask what album, please stop reading this website right now.

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