Celebrities’ Famous Last Words

liberaceFamous people have a knack for being witty when they’re about to die. In his upcoming book, “Morbid Curiosity,” out in October from Perigee, Alan Petrucelli recounts some of their famous last words. Liberace (pictured): “It’s beautiful in heaven, Mother. Yes, of course I’ll play the piano for you.” Elvis Presley: “I’m going into the bathroom to read.” Eugene O’Neill: “I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room and Goddamn it! Died in a hotel room.” Tallulah Bankhead: “Codeine, bourbon.” P.T. Barnum: “How were the receipts today at Madison Square Garden?” Oscar Wilde: “Either that wallpaper goes or I do.” Dylan Thomas: “I’ve had eight straight whiskeys, I think that’s the record.” Joan Crawford: “Damn it! Don’t you dare ask God to help me!” Gary Gilmore: “Let’s do it!”

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