NY Times Adores Nora Ephron

nora ephronWhat do Nora Ephron (pictured) and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. have in common? They both know so many top members of the mainstream media that’s it’s difficult to read a columnist these days who doesn’t begin his or her op-ed about either person without a recusal (but not really) of himself or herself because of a “personal friendship.” Ariel Levy’s New Yorker profile of Ephron a few weeks back was remarkably clueless about Ephron’s early-adult life and relied far too-much on the New York mandarinate (i.e. Ephron’s friends) for sourcing. Levy, in other words, swallowed the Nora Kool-Aid. Although I enjoyed a solid half of the movie being pushed (“Julie and Julia“; here’s my review), I am heartily tired of its advance publicity. When I opened this morning’s New York Times, I thought: Et tu, Maureen? There have been at least 15 mentions of Ephron in the Times online and in the paper in just the past 30 days. Overkill, perhaps?

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