The Princess & The Nude Scene

stephanieI’ve gotten some reader feedback from my post about Monaco’s Princess Stephanie yanking her kids from the Broadway production of “Hair” after its nude scene. Here’s a typical response from a mother of four: “As we mature, we usually realize the choices we made when we were younger were NOT always the best ones to have been made. I would guess she wants a better life for her kids than what she had, based on her poor choices. Rather than seeing her actions as hilarious, I view them as commendable.” Sorry, but I don’t agree that this was an example of responsible parenting. A responsible mother would check up on the live performance to which she was taking her kids (it’s very easy to do: check the show’s website, ask someone who’s attended, etc.) and make sure in advance that it was age-appropriate. Obviously, the Princess didn’t do this. Besides, I doubt her 15- and 16-year-old sons would have been shocked. (C’mon, they’re Grimaldis.) The 11-year-old daughter is a different matter, but, as I’ve said, the Princess should have known better. And what’s the big deal about a little tasteful nudity, anyway?

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