New Song From Radiohead?

56678042A new song purportedly by Oxford, England, jam band Radiohead, hit the Internet last night, and Vulture likes it. (Click to listen.) “These Are My Twisted Words” was posted to a torrent site, though no one seems to know why or by whom or even if it’s definitely Radiohead (but the vocals and life-hating lyrics unmistakably belong to Thom Yorke (pictured), and the arpeggiated guitar lines sound enough like “Weird Fishes” that one can be pretty sure we can hold Johnny Greenwood responsible). We know the band is currently in the studio, but they’ve sworn off making full-length LPs forever, so it’s either a one-off single or a leaked part of an upcoming EP (or something that was never meant for mass consumption). And if, by chance, it’s not Radiohead, then we hope whoever it is will consider releasing an album soon.

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