Jacko’s Estate: $1 Billion In 20 Years

jackson_michaelBefore Michael Jackson died, his family basically had no money. Barring maybe Janet, everyone was on the dole. He was their support. Insiders say Michael’s passing, at this point, is the best thing that could’ve happened to the Jacksons. (Repeat after me: the murder plot thickens.) Now the cash will roll in, and no Michael to spend it. It’ll be an open wallet, a never-ending spigot. Why? Because for some reason this is what happens to estates of big-name recording artists who die before the public has given their consent. Elvis did not leave big money. Today his Lisa Marie has hundreds of millions. The estate licensed everything down to ashtrays. Michael’s name and likeness are about to be hawked on everything, and his records will now sell forever, and music types say we could be talking — ready? — a billion bucks in the next 20 years.

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