The Latest In Sondheim Land

sondheim_190In his article today that recycles some things I told you months ago (Barbara Cook may star in the new Broadway revue of Sondheim songs), the Post’s Michael Riedel prints the results of his contest asking who should play the part of Frederik in the upcoming Broadway revival of “A Little Night Music.” (Riedel still hasn’t caught up to my months-old scoop that Aaron Lazar is very likely to play the show’s other plum male role, Count Carl-Magnus.) Riedel’s readers preferred Raul Esparza as Frederik: a good suggestion. Their second pick was Paulo Szot from “South Pacific.” (Apparently, Riedel’s readers don’t look at the Metropolitan Opera schedule much: Szot is doing Shostakovich’s “The Nose” there this winter, so isn’t available for “Night Music.”) Other popular suggestions were Jeremy Irons, Hugh Jackman, Colin Firth, and Michael Cerveris. (Apparently, Riedel’s readers don’t look at Variety, where they would learn that Jackman and Firth have early 2010 movie commitments, and Michael Cerveris is in the new Broadway play “In the Other Room” through January 10. “A Little Night Music” is supposed to start perfs in December.)

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