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Naked Ambition At Edinburgh Fest

Here’s a list of some of the top shows at this year’s Edinburgh Festival, including one … Read more »

What’s Next For Stritch — Cleopatra?

Elaine Stritch will star in an upcoming Off-Broadway production of Ben Andron’s play “White’s Lies,” scheduled … Read more »

New “Wizard”: The Burning Question

Warner Home Video’s Blu-ray restoration of “The Wizard of Oz” will be out on Tuesday, September … Read more »

“The View” Finally Wins Daytime Emmy

“The View” has finally broken its Emmy curse.
After years of coming up empty in the Daytime … Read more »

“Glee,” “Fringe” Getting Twittered

@FoxBroadcasting is bringing Twitter to primetime this week, via repeats of #glee and #fringe. Cast and … Read more »

Funeral: Susan Sings, Brian Doesn’t

Leave it to the New York Times, most days a great paper, to get it wrong … Read more »

Who Has Newman’s Glamour Today?

Next week, an extraordinary series of unseen photographs will be unveiled to mark the first anniversary … Read more »